First Term Report Card Information

Student Conferences 2011

Nov. 24th is an early dismissal day, and students will be dismissed at 11:45 a.m. The following day is a Professional Learning Day, and students will not be in school. Teaching staff will be involved in learning activities themselves.

Normally student conferences would be scheduled on the early dismissal day. This year, given the teachers’ job action those formal student conferences will not be scheduled. Parents can contact their child’s teacher (byphone, email, or connecting with them before or after school) to discuss their child’s learning. These conversations can take place on the afternoon of Nov. 24th or any other mutually agreed time. Teachers are available to meet with parents to discuss student learning, not only on the afternoon ofNov. 24 but also, any other time during the year. It is encouraged that parents maintain on going dialogue with their child’s teacher.

Report Cards

This term reports cards will be issued as directed by the Ministry of Education. Parents will see significant gaps of information. Teachers are not required to produce reports or provide marks, therefore most report cards will only contain; student name, attendance, teacher(s) name, and courses taken. The exception will be where a Principal or Vice-Principal actually teaches a specific class. All report cards will be printed centrally (at the School Board Office using BCeSIS) and this will look different than the usual elementary report card.

École John Stubbs will distribute first term report cards on Thursday, Dec. 1. The administration staff will pass out the reports to students, and parents should expect them when their child gets home.

We appreciate your patience, but if there any other questions regarding Early Dismissal, and Report Cards, please do not hesitate to call the school (478 – 5571) and speak with Mr. Smyth, Mr. Frizzell, or Mr. Manhas.

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