This Week at John Stubbs – December 13th to 17th, 2010


This promises to be an exciting week at John Stubbs, with everything from our Elementary Concert to a Pancake Breakfast on Friday. Here’s what’s on our school schedule for this week:

  • On Monday, December 13th, Mme Lind, Mme. Jenkins & Mr. Robertson’s classes will be on a skating trip to Juan de Fuca (12:30 to 2:30)
  • Also on Monday the 13th, Milk Orders are due.
  • On Wednesday, December 15th, the PAC will be distributing this week’s offering from the Fruit and Veggie program. Our students will be treated to Mandarin Organges
  • On Thursday, December 16th, the elementary staff and students will put on the annual Christmas Concert. There are two performances (at 1:00 and 6:30). Specific details have been included below as a separate school news item. Please be sure to read on for details.
  • Thursday, December 16th is also Hot Lunch (Subway!) day. Please note that the forms for ordering hot lunch stated December 15th, but that date was an error. Hot lunches will be delivered Thursday, December 16th. Please make sure that you send your child to school with a lunch on Wednesday of this week.
  • On Friday, December 17th, the school’s Leadership 9 classes will be serving a pancake breakfast and hot chocolate with the help of parent volunteers. Students are asked to bring a small mug, plate, and fork with them so that they can enjoy their meal. We are also encouraging a ‘comfy’ look among are staff and students on that day, with everyone being encouraged to wear their best (school appropriate) pyjamas!
  • Friday is also the last day of school before the Christmas Break. For the next two weeks, and until January 3rd, there won’t be anyone in the school office, nor will we be publishing to our blog. The next scheduled blog posting will be the evening of Monday, January 3rd. Classes resume at the regular time (with the bell ringing at 8:40) on Tuesday, January 4th.


Christmas Celebration 2010

(Thanks to Mme. Hélène for providing the following information regarding our upcoming elementary Christmas concert)…The Christmas Celebration will take place in the middle school gym on Thursday, Dec. 16 with two performances: one at 1:00 pm and an evening performance at 6:30 pm. For the evening performance, children should be ready in their classroom no later than 6:15 pm. (Doors will open at 6:00pm). We strongly encourage families with young children to attend the afternoon performance.  We will also have a food collection for the Christmas hamper, along with a donation book for the food bank (food banks can generally stretch their dollars three times further than can the regular consumer).

The staff and students are working hard to put this concert together. We would like to also remind our community of the following requests regarding audience etiquette:

  • please turn off cell phones and pagers
  • please stay for the entire concert and enjoy the show

Lost and Found

Attention parents and students! Please check out the lost and found in the elementary and middle school foyers. Claim items that are yours. All items will be removed and donated to charity at 3:00 PM on December 17th. Tables will also be set up in the elementary wing so that students and parents can more easily look over the lost and found items.

Construction Update #4

Thanks very much to Mrs. Dhillon for her work in preparing these construction updates for the benefit of our school community.

Construction Status:  Although there have been some delays due to weather, we are pleased to say that our projected timelines are being met and that we continue to be on budget!  The slab for the addition is now poured and within the next few days Knappett Projects will start framing the first floor!!

Selective Demolition:  Selective demolition will be done prior to the break, once school is out for the holidays, specifically:  areas interfacing the new construction.

Minimizing the Noise and Dust:  We appreciate the high level of cooperation and sensitivity to the school’s needs, that has been shown by Knappett Projects.  As much as is possible, Knappett Projects has attempted to keep both the noise and dust levels to a minimum during school hours.

Construction During the Break:  Construction will continue throughout the break, with the construction crew taking off only a few days during this time.


Purdy’s Order Pick-Up

The PAC still has about 10 Purdy’s orders left for pick-up. The original date for picking up orders was about two weeks ago. If you put in an order, but haven’t yet done so, please make arrangements to come by and get your treats as soon as possible. Any leftover treats on December 17th will be donated to the Principal’s Chocolate Lover’s Stash (just kidding!)


Victoria READ Society

This week’s circular from the Victoria READ Society focuses on how to get your child extra help when they need it, and builds upon some of the suggestions from previous circulars. You can download the full document from here.

VIHA Health Circulars

This week, we’re posting two circulars to our blog at the request of VIHA. The first is for both elementary and middle school families, and focuses on dental health for the holidays. The second is aimed at elementary families only and focuses on shopping for the holidays. You can download either one (or both) of these circulars from the links below:

Special Posting – Construction Update #3

Construction is progressing very well!  The new, exterior, temporary stairs were completed about two weeks ago.  (Students will use these all year).  New Fire Safety Plan exit routes were established and posted in the elementary classrooms.  Since the stairs were built, the elementary teachers have guided their classes in and out of the school using this new route.  Once students were confident in their new routes, École John Stubbs Memorial School had a school-wide Earthquake Drill which provided the opportunity for our students to practice exiting the building with guidance, under drill conditions.  The students did a great job using their new egress during the drill!

The Knappett Projects’ crew is currently busy working on the foundation of the new classrooms.  Rain or shine, the crew is moving the project forward in a timely manner!

Mrs. Dhillon continues to meet with the Construction Team twice each month in order to receive updates and provide input on the progress.  She regularly keeps the staff apprised about the progress, including presenting a Construction Report to staff at each Staff Meeting.

During the Christmas Break, the Knappett crew will take only four days off, thus allowing them to work on the noisy things adjoining the building (e.g.:  removing the slab contiguous to the school) without undue disturbance to our students and staff!!


Special Posting – Construction Update #2



  • One section of our playground equipment (5 stations, including Monkey Bars) will not be removed!!  ☺  This is the section on the end, directly in front of the courtyard.




  • A representative from Technical Fire Consulting will come to the school to prepare a new Fire Safety Plan and within one week will post the new signs indicating the new egress routes from the building
  • Teachers will review the new egress routes with their students and we will hold an Evacuation Drill to enable students to practice these new routes




  • Hoarding around the construction site will be installed the first thing Monday morning,  Oct. 4, and will remain in place for the duration of the project
  • The hoarding will be 8’ high metal fencing, not the plywood paneling originally described
  • Students will be able to watch the construction in progress.  Please remind your child to stay away from the fence.


Kindergarten:  Parents are to bring their children to the Kindergarten classroom and pick them up as per the usual routine

Bus Students:  The busses will drop off all students near the stairs going up to the Middle School wing.  Students will walk up the stairs, and then remain on the sidewalk as they walk around the gym and Wood Tech Shop, to arrive at the courtyard at the back of the school.  A structure will be installed behind the Middle School gym, by the short section of the route where there is no sidewalk, to ensure students have a uninterrupted safe route to the back of the school.  Supervisors will be onsite.  Administrators will help to monitor students and guide the process, as routines are established.

Students Being Dropped Off, and Students Walking to School:  Please use one of the following options:

  • The stairs by the Bus Zone at the Middle School wing, on College Road
  • The gate access (by the green dumpster) by the Elementary wing, on Zealous Crescent


  • Students may leave the school by the two arrival entrances and may also leave by the front doors of the school, as per their normal routine


  • Please do not park in, or obstruct, the parking spaces directly in front of the construction zone on Zealous Crescent
  • This area has been set aside to allow for construction vehicles to enter the site, and for 3 parking spaces for Knappett vehicles that need to come and go throughout the day
  • Construction workers will park at the far end of the road

Special Posting – Construction Update #1

On Tuesday of this week, Mrs. Dhillon and Mr. Arts met with the construction team, architect, and head of our district’s maintenance department in order to discuss the construction project for our school’s new addition. Since then, we’ve been hard at work to finalize some details regarding timings, and some of the procedures we will put in place in order to ensure the project is finished on time, and the safety of staff and students is assured. We have chosen to make sure that we have as much information as possible for the community, before posting to our blog. We know, from recent comments, that this is a concern for the community, and we are committed to ensuring that the best available information is released as soon as possible.

Mrs. Dhillon is the member of our school’s administration who will act as liaison for the construction. She has taken the time to put together this information package for the benefit of our community. As of the time this posting is put on our blog, this is the most up-to-date information available regarding the project.

As the project moves through its different phases, and as more information becomes available, we will be passing on any new developments through special blog postings. The information prepared by Mrs. Dhillon follows below.

What is Being Built:  A two-level addition is being added to the Elementary wing of the school, on the end of the building adjacent to the playground equipment, as follows:

  • Two Kindergarten classrooms on the main floor (each with a washroom within the classroom), two regular classrooms on the second floor, a large, common storage room on the second floor and a new exterior stairwell

Construction Team Members:

  • Matt Haig:  Knappett Construction
  • Garyali Architect Inc.
  • Pete Godau:  SD #62 Facilities
  • Glenda Dhillon:  ÉJSMS Construction Liason

Start of Project:  Sept. 27, 2010

Estimated Timelines:

  • Sept. 27, 2010—Aug. 2011
  • Sept. 27:  School District’s Facilities will begin the removal of the playground equipment
  • Following this:  Knappett Construction will be on site to begin site prep, construction of the hoarding, then begin the construction process

Proposed Plans:  Architectural plans have been drawn up to show the existing site plan, playground equipment area and Kindergarten enclosures as well as the plans for the construction and post construction phases.  (Presented to staff at a meeting on Sept. 22 and to the community Sept. 23)

Information Dissemination:

  • Staff Presentation:  Sept. 22, at 3 pm in the Library
  • Parent Information Meeting:  Sept. 23, on Meet the Staff Night (in the Elementary gym)
  • Information to Staff:  Sept. 24, by email
  • Information to Community:  Sept. 24, information placed on the school’s website, blog and Twitter feed and will be updated as necessary
  • Assemblies:  Sept. 27, there will be Elementary and Middle School assemblies
  • Bi-Monthly Construction Team Meetings:  at ÉJSMS
  • Bi-Monthly Construction Team Meeting Information:  disseminated as required
  • Ongoing:  as required

Safety First!:  In order to continue to provide a safe environment, please note the following have been put in place (more details below):

  • ÉJSMS School Construction School Liason has been established
  • Construction area will be surrounded by hoarding
  • Areas for student drop-off and pick-up have been modified
  • Parents dropping off their children are to avoid the construction area
  • Supervision has been adjusted as required
  • Additional evacuation drill has been scheduled
  • Excellent communication has been established with staff, parents, community and the construction team

Existing Playground Equipment Removal: Playground equipment will be removed for the duration of the construction project and will be reinstalled after the process, in area(s) and layout(s) to be determined

Middle School Playground Equipment (purchased in March 2010): will be installed once the construction project is complete

Hoarding:  The area around the construction site will be hoarded with 8’ high hoarding.  This area will also house the Knappett site office, First Aid office and all construction equipment and supplies.  Each class will have a panel to paint!

New Temporary Stairs to Exterior:  The current exit will be removed and temporary stairs will be erected leading out to courtyard area.

Division Line-ups:  New line-up locations have been established for the Elementary classes that lined up by the exterior door, as this area will part of the construction zone surrounded by hoarding.

Community Playground:  The playground across the street from the School Bus Zone may be used by classroom teachers and their classes during school hours

Students Arriving and Leaving School:

  • Front of School Out of Bounds:  Due to supervision and safety issues, the side of the school by the Bus Zone and area by the front doors on Zealous Crescent are out of bounds to students before school, during recess and lunch hour. After school, students may use these areas to exit the premises.
  • Morning Bus Drop Off:  Students are to walk around the school, by way of the sidewalk by the Staff Parking Lot (around the Middle School gym and Wood Tech Shop) to the play area at the back of the school.
  • After School Bus Pick Up:  Same as usual

Kindergarten Students’ Drop-Off and Pick-up:  Parents are to continue dropping off and picking up their children in the usual manner, following established procedures

Fire Access Gate (by the existing playground equipment):  will be unlocked and opened every morning for student access to path, and will be locked by custodians every night

Bike Racks:  temporary bike racks will be installed in the back playground area

Emergency Evacuation Drill:  will take place as soon as new temporary stairs are installed to ensure all staff and students have practiced exiting by the new egress

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Dhillon.