Weather Update – Thursday, February 24th, 2011 – School is Open!

Good morning! With little snowfall last night, plows salters and sanders have been able to stay ahead of the conditions. The local media is reporting that the roads are in generally good condition, although there may be slippery spots. As a result, schools are open.

The weather is forecast to be cold, with possible wind (meaning that Victorians might actually have a weather forecast with a windchill being reported within it!). Please remember to dress your children appropriately for the conditions.

Repost – Inclement Weather Procedures

Note from Mr. Arts: This information was originally posted to our blog on January 10th, 2011. This is being reposted today as there have been a few questions from parents and students about whether or not school will be open tomorrow. On days when the weather is bad and staff is busy, emails and phone calls may not get a timely response. Your best bet for up-to-date information is to check the blog (if the power is on), or tune in to the local news media.

On days where there is severe weather, the school district’s senior administration decides whether it is safe to open the schools. The decision to close a school or to keep it open is usually made before 6:30 in the morning, but could happen later if conditions quickly deteriorate. As soon as the decision to close a school (or schools) has been made, that information is shared with the local media. On days where there is severe weather, we encourage all families to tune in to local news radio or television stations to get the latest on possible school closures. If there is no announcement in the local media, you can assume that the school will be open.

As an added step for the benefit of our community, we will do our best to post updated information regarding possible school closures to our school’s blog. We will try to do this on those days when the weather looks bad, but the school will be open. We will certainly try to do this if a closure is planned. We ask that you refrain from calling the school office for information about possible closure. Any information on the blog will be as up-to-date as that available by phone. Checking the blog also ensures that our office staff is available for other tasks on days when the weather is bad (because they’re usually very busy on those days).

Please note that any blog postings on severe weather days are done by a staff member from their own home. If the Internet connections to that home are down, or there isn’t any power, the blog cannot be updated. The best bet is to rely upon the local media, using our school’s blog/website as a possible source for additional information. In the event of a closure, we will do our best to post to the blog/website as soon as practical after we officially receive the word.

Finally, on days where the school is closed due to weather, it is not necessary to call our safe arrival line.


Weather Update #2 – School is Closed – Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

The local media has just announced that the schools are closed for today. Please stay safe and enjoy the snow!

Weather Update – School is Open! – Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Many of us have awoken this morning to a moderate snowfall in the area. When snow does fall, the question of school opening naturally arises. As of this moment, school is OPEN! However, the local media is reporting that the busses in our district will not be running today.

When the weather is questionable, we always recommend that families tune in to the local media, and/or check our blog. Please don’t call the school with your questions, as we always post the most up-to-date information online. Parents and community members should assume that it’s ‘business as usual’ with the school’s schedule and planned events. No news to the blog (or within the local media) means that school is opening with a normal day. If a change comes, it will be posted to the blog as soon as possible.

Finally, given the cool weather, we’d like to remind everyone to dress appropriately for the weather, and for the possibility of a fun recess in the snow today!

Weather Update – Wednesday January 12th, 2011 – School is Open!

Last night’s snowfall has already turned to rain, which is expected to fall for the rest of the day. The local media has announced that the school is open, and that it will be a regular school day. Bus service may be a little late in some areas, but we don’t have any word on which routes might be affected. As always, when the weather is bad, we’d like to remind families to dress their children appropriately for the weather.

As it is going to be a regular school day, we don’t expect to post any other updates to the blog today regarding the weather. We do appreciate your understanding and support by using the blog as your source of weather-related information. Please don’t call the school office for information. We expect that the office staff will be a little busy this morning, and freeing them from having to answer weather-related questions allows them to focus on priorities. The latest updates are posted to the blog, and our school’s staff refers to this information to deal with any inquiries.

Thanks for your help with this and see you at school!

Thursday, November 25th – School is Open!

The school district has announced that all schools are open today. Some buses may be running a little late, but they are all running this morning.

Because school is open, this means that parent conferences scheduled for today will go ahead as planned. Elementary conferences for most teachers will start at 2:30 (the exception being Kindergarten, who will start at 12:30), and Middle School conferences start at 12:30. Please remember that there are no morning Kindergarten classes today, in order to accommodate student conferences (this was pre-planned and previously announced, and is not related to the weather).

Finally, please remember that the most recent information posted to the blog is the most up-to-date. There is no additional weather-related information that is available by calling the school. In fact, our office staff refer to this blog if they do receive weather-related questions.

We’d like to thank parents and community members for referring to the blog before calling the school. Our office staff have noticed that the volume of weather-related calls drop significantly when updates are available through the blog, and this makes it much easier for them to focus on other duties (such as helping students and teachers!).

Remember, our rule-of-thumb for weather information is this: If there are no further updates to the blog, you can assume that the most recent post is the most accurate information.

We look forward to seeing students this morning (they will be dismissed at 11:40), and parents during conferences this afternoon and evening.

Wednesday November 24th – Weather Update #2 – Elementary Student Conferences are a Go!

As of this morning, we’re starting to receive a few calls regarding this afternoon’s elementary student conferences. We’ve just checked the weather forecast from the Environment Canada website (for the Victoria area), and there is a chance of snow later on this evening, with minimal accumulations (2 cm predicted, after midnight). So far, we have not cancelled the elementary student conferences for this evening, nor are we planning to do so.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is calling for a little more snow, but again, no decision about the school day will be made by the district until tomorrow morning (usually by about 6:30 in the morning). We also won’t be making any decisions about tomorrow’s elementary and middle school conferences until tomorrow (at the earliest).

The regular school day and extra school events (such as team sports or student conferences) are not postponed or cancelled based on a weather forecast. Generally speaking, the school district makes its decisions about these types of events once the conditions are confirmed. Forecasts can be wrong, and conditions can be better than predicted. This is why we wait until the weather actually changes before making any decisions.

To reiterate, parents and community members should assume that it’s ‘business as usual’ with the school’s schedule and planned events. No news to the blog means that everything is going forward as planned. If a change comes, it will be posted to the blog as soon as possible.

Again, please refrain from calling the school for weather updates. We encourage you to check this blog for information. You’ll likely get your information more quickly than having to redial the school if lines are busy. Thanks for your help and understanding!